Field Applications Engineer - Demo

February 21, 2017

Location: Bay Area

Salary:  Open

Job Description:

The Field Applications Engineer (FAE) provides pre-sales and post-sales support of Semiconductor customers.  Responsibilities include customer sample evaluations, customer training and support, and support for marketing activities (exhibition attendance, etc.).  The support will be regionally specific but may also require some global support as needed.  Work extensively with the sales team to demonstrate the full capabilities of the systems/solutions as they apply to customer needs.  Provide support to marketing through the development of use cases for collateral and participation at customer-facing events. Travel to existing customers for training and applications support.  Requires excellent time management skills, communication skills and ability to work in a team as leader or team member.  Conduct in accordance with company guidelines and standards is expected at all times.

This position reports to Director of Marketing and Applications.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Become an expert on Company solutions for semiconductor.
  • Perform product/solution evaluations both with and without customers present
      • Collect information from the sales group and the customer about what results are required from each sample to win the business
      • Execute evaluations and generate results
      • Create detailed reports that showcase product differentiation
  • Provide post sales applications support to facilitate penetration and adoption of strategic solutions.
  • Gather customer inputs to product requirements by application and feed into the sector marketing.
  • Be able to professionally deliver technical presentations both internally and externally, in person and through web meetings.
  • Provide operational training for customer users. Training sessions may be held either at the Company facility or at the customer’s location.
  • Contribute use cases to marketing collateral development efforts.

Experience and Education Requirements:

  • BS in physical sciences or engineering. MS or PhD preferred. 
  • Experience with X-ray Computed Tomography or other 3D microscopy (FIB-SEM, TEM, Confocal, etc.) is highly desirable.
  • Experience with 3D image analysis software (Dragonfly, VisualSI, ImageJ, Avizo, etc.) is highly desirable.
  • Technical documentation authoring and editing skills.
  • Multilingual a plus.
  • Ability to travel up to 50%.

Contact Information:

Associate:  Myrna D. Parkin

Phone:  508-647-0221