Micron Account Manager

October 17, 2017

Location: Boise, ID

Salary:  Open

Job Description:

  • Act as the global account manager and the key person for all Micron related issues.  This position reports to the President.  Manage all Micron related activity from all aspects including:
    • Effectively sell existing products to all Micron fabs globally.
    • Map and profile the Micron account in detail.
    • Build relationship and trust with key figureheads in Micron.
    • Identify and lead penetration efforts with new products in order to increase market share.
    • Characterize and define Micron roadmap requirements and plan how to accommodate those needs using the company’s technology and products.
    • Act as a key interface towards the company’s R&D and product groups in defining Micron needs and drive towards accommodating those needs.
    • Understand and articulate strategic directions and affect the technological strategy of the company accordingly.
    • Drive, manage and leverage the application and field support organization to strengthen position and customer loyalty.
    • Coordinate the sales cycle with the sales and business people of business partners where integrated metrology solutions are being sold.
    • Utilize extensive memory manufacturing process know-how to help define areas for focus and differentiation.

 Main Objectives:

  • Successfully create and drive several penetration efforts into the Micron account in the areas of Optical CD and X-Ray Metrology.
  • Position company as a key metrology supplier for relevant areas in the fab.
  • Characterize Micron’s specific needs per application and drive development efforts to cater for those needs.
  • Find means to differentiate against competition at the Micron account.
  • Learn and develop relationships at all levels at Micron to drive the business therein in the most effective way.
  • Utilize Micron process understanding to position product offering in a competitive way alongside business partners.
  • Build a basis for new joint projects, sales activity and other cooperation in future.
  • Identify and lead new development efforts in furtherance of the product performance envelope.


  • Liaise with all levels, technical and non-technical.
  • Direct communication with all levels of staff, especially technical staff.
  • Represent company’s technical expertise in joint projects.


  • Gather, analyze and report all information in regards to process trends and conditions.
  • Capture all opportunities.
  • Report to Sales organization any activity that might have commercial potential.
  • Map Micron organization and all fabs.
  • Gather and report any information in regards to company’s competitor.


Contact Information:

Associate:  Myrna D. Parkin

Phone:  508-647-0221

Email:  mparkin@mdparkin.com